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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the 12-month free hosting?

After the 12 months free hosting has expired, you can either renew hosting with us or you can move your built website to another hosting facility.

Do you need any card details before my site is built?

No, only when your site is built, and you are happy with the final product payment is required. You are not obligated to pay in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the website.

I have my own domain; can you use it?

Yes, we will just tell you what nameservers to point your domain too.

My website is offline, what do I do?

In the very unlikely event your website is offline, you can contact us on, our emails are constantly monitored so this is the fastest way to receive support.

Is my Website secure?

All our websites have a free SSL certificate included we also regularly maintain our websites to make sure they are up to date with the latest security functions to protect your website and your customers.

Do I get to keep my website?

Absolutely! Once you have paid for your site, it is all yours to do what you like with it.

Do I have to do any designing?

We handle everything from top to bottom, your domain, hosting and your website design. If you wish to edit or add parts after, you are more than welcome too.

How do I update my website?

After every website creation, we will show you how to manually update your website including adding new photos for your portfolio or adding reviews. If you do not wish to do this, you can use our maintenance service.


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